Best Music Plumbers Can Dance To While Doing Plumbing Repairs

If you have a plumber come out to your location to do plumbing repairs that must be done, it is likely that they will be listening to some music, either out loud or that they will hear in their headphones. The type of music that they listen to can play a role in whether or not they can do a good job. It depends on the type of music that they like. For example, you could have plumbers come out with a background in classical music playing Beethoven, whereas you could have other plumbers coming over that like to listen to rap music. However, there are some plumbers like that might come out to your location that might like to dance around. There is quite a bit of dance music out there that could help them do their work. Even though this is probably not going to happen, here is an overview of the type of music that plumbers can dance to while doing plumbing repairs which actually might help them do their job even faster.

Why Would Plumbers Want To Dance While Working?

The question that someone might ask is why would a plumber want to start dancing if they are going to do plumbing repairs. It seems unlikely that they would want to do this. Plumbers are typically crawling under homes to work on pipes, or underneath sinks, and in these horizontal positions, it will likely not be possible for them to dance at all. However, as they are moving from one location to the next, it might provide them with a little rest by, helping them to clear their minds and focus on the next part of each job. Here are a few suggestions that might work regarding plumbers that would like to dance as they are doing the repairs at your home or office.

Dance Music From Clubs

There are many types of dance music that you will hear a clubs. You will see people dancing for hours at a time. These typically out DJs who are spinning tunes, getting everybody in the mood. It is not likely that a plumber is going to dance to heavy metal music, although country music or pop music might be in the mix. It just depends on the type of music they are into, and if it helps them work faster, then dance music from the clubs will likely be what they are listening to.

Country Music

Back in the early 90s, or even late 80s, country music was very popular. Line dancing was something that had been around for years, but due to the popularity of country music from the likes of Garth Brooks, and many other country artists, it became very popular to do line dancing. This is something that many people will practice on their own. You have to know all of the steps so that you are in line with everyone else. It’s not the most elegant dancing, but it can be something that will refocus your plumber if that’s what they like to dance to while they work.

Hip-Hop Music

This is a form of music that became popular during and after the 90s. There is a multitude of people that dance to these songs. Although most of them are African-American, Eminem is likely the most recognizable face in this industry, with some of his songs making it easy to dance to. It is a different type of music, one that requires fast spins, and moving your arms and legs that rapid and jolting speeds. This is something that can be done in a very enclosed area, without that much need for extra space like line dancing, and is likely what you will see them dancing to with dancing is what they need to do while on the job.

Pop Music

Although it is unlikely that a plumber would be listening to teenage pop music, it’s possible that you may have some young plumbers that are just starting out. They might listen to music from Miley Cyrus, or BeyoncĂ©, which is something that people can dance to most of the time. Pop music isn’t about dancing. It’s more of the message or the feeling. However, you might come in and see them grooving to song or two. As long as they like it, and if it allows them to stay focused on the job that needs to be completed, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a dancing plumber.

If you do hire a plumber that you find dancing in your home, it’s probably not the end of the world. It’s not that they are playing around. They may be more motivated than most plumbers that have nothing to say, and might not be as fast on the job. Music has a way of motivating people to move as quickly as possible. It does something to the human body and mind in a positive way. As long as they are getting everything done, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with plumbers that are dancing while they are working on your toilet, sinks, showers or anything else that needs to be repaired in the shortest period.